Year Round

Helles Lager

  • 5.0 ABV%
  • 18 IBU

Van Henion Helles Lager is a medium-bodied, classic German-style beer with a striking golden color and heady pour. This style of lager has become a staple among brewers for its drinkability and bright tasting notes. After all, “helles” translates to light, in German. So raise a glass, (or drink straight from the can.) Prost!

India Pale Ale

  • 7.2 ABV%
  • 52 IBU

Move along, nothing hazy to see here. Van Henion IPA utlizes a blend of Cascade, Centennial, Citra® and Lotus hops for a balanced, yet hoppy, flavor profile and bright golden hue. This Pacific Northwest style IPA shines with every sip.

German Kolsch-Style Ale

  • 5.0 ABV%
  • 22 IBU

Van Henion Kölsch is a classic German-style ale brewed true to tradition with German Pilsner malt and Hallertau Mittelfruh hops. This beer pours light blonde in color and has a crisp, refreshing finish. When the dog days hit, make sure a few cans of Van Henion Kölsch are at the top of your secret stash.


  • 5.5 ABV%
  • 30 IBU

Van Henion Pilsner is an uncompromising take on the classic German-style pilsner that’s won the collective hearts of beer lovers across the world. Our pilsner delivers a generous, yet balanced, hop presence followed by a clean finish. It pours straw in color with brilliant clarity. An instant classic that’s as crisp as it is crushable. Prost!


  • 4.9 ABV%
  • 22 IBU

Schwarzbier, “black beer” in German, is a light-bodied dark lager made with fine German pilsner and crystal malts. Fear not the robust nature of traditional dark beers, for our Schwarzbier finishes smooth. Pour at ludicrous speed or sip straight from the can, but whatever you do, don’t get it twisted!

Double IPA

  • 9.0 ABV%
  • 70 IBU

Van Henion Double IPA finishes clean, without lingering bitterness. Yet, it packs enough hops to balance out its imperial nature. The aromatics are tropical and piney, making this beer a classic West Coast Double IPA.


Fest Bier Bavarian-Style Lager

  • 5.5 ABV%
  • 22 IBU

Van Henion Fest Bier is a German-style lager brewed just in time for the changing of the seasons. Enjoy its malt-forward, subtly bitter profile. It pours a brilliant golden-orange color with a pillowy white head. Savor it straight out of the can or in your favorite stein. Prost!

Brother Van’s India Pale Ale

  • 5.7 ABV%
  • 50 IBU

Van Henion Brewing collaborated with Brother Jon's Public House to bring Central Oregon a classic, easy drinking West Coast IPA. This IPA has aromatics that are tropical and citrusy due to the generous dry hop of Citra, Simcoe and HBC-586 hops. Brother Van's IPA is brewed with locals in mind.